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Kejie welcomes the world of infinite design possibilities with the fastest-growing wide-format technology in China. We at Kejie developed our core competencies in innovation, Strong Outreach & Service infrastructure and complete customer focus offerings. We manufacture super-fast machines equipped with the latest technology designed to meet your present and future requirements. Kejie products are backed by a strong team of experts and engineers spread across R&D, Customer Support, Application, Machine Design and Sales related functions. Kejie provides solutions that involve wide exploration in creating multiple fabric sheets with an extensive range of traditional and modern designs. In collaboration with strategic partners, Kejie will continue to deliver unmatched functionality and innovative products to the global marketplace. Kejie is a flagship brand of Lingfeng. Lingfeng is a registered company in China with its operations, manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Shanghai, China. Lingfeng has been a top market leader in industrial equipment manufacturing of digital printers for the leading brand since 2013..

高质量和高速数字印刷在印刷行业的设计领导地位 可洁凭借中国发展最快的大幅面数字纺织品印花技术,欢迎无限设计的世界。
可洁产品在中国制造,由强大的团队支持,这些团队遍布研发,客户支持,应用程序,机器设计和销售相关功能。 科杰提供的数字纺织品 印花解决方案涉及广泛的探索,以创建具有多种传统和现代设计的多种织物片材。 全球领先的知名印刷企业都信赖科捷打印 机。与战略合作伙伴合作,科杰将继续向全球市场提供无与伦比的功能和创新产品。

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